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Choijin's Website - http://shinchoujin.5...gen/chara_e.htm


7~ Android18.pngBurter.pngBuu-1.png
Trunks.pngpic_ssjvegeta.jpg pic_trunks.jpg ...... Purple Hair is an SFF Addon to Regular Trunks

Stig87's Site - http://www.mugendrea...characters.html

~Chrono Strife~
( All Characters By ChronoStrife Above Can Be Downloaded From His Page )
ChronoStrifes Page - http://members.multi...ife/index2.html

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kidgoku-1.png SSJGohanStance.gif SSJVegetaStance.gif SSJGokuStance.gif Picollo%20Stance.gif KrillinStance.gif Broli%20Stance.gif18_bigeliking.png

Ryons Creations = http://mugenfreefora...ons-characters/

Mugen Mundo DBZ Characters
gvgh0.jpg 32359855.png 52745895.png 41275679.png 94555573.png xzzxzxzzx2.png super13wa9jx9.jpg

33291150.png 32885330.png reecom.png 90151925.png 70311513fi6.png 10328486.png 454w.png
139.png 36923200mz6.png 16247205kh0.png mjbetacw8va4.png 36076845.png 65310028.png 63339546.png
krillinsagaboo.png 25349178.png 277.png 242c.png 275.png 172d.png 15593284.png

Mugen Mundo Website - http://mugenmundo.uc...m_e_hosted/0-23

Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle 22


[ Collection Download ] = http://www.mediafire...4cd5nv3ga3socde

KameKaze's DBZ HD Hyper Dimension
Vegeto.png vegeta.png Piccolo.png MGohan.png Gotenks.png goku.png
Freiza.png FatBuu.png Buu.png Cell.png
Download From KameKaze's Website = http://network.mugen...d.com/kamekaze/

Collections Of DBZ Character By Me ( ZombieBrock)

10 Evil Saiyans = http://www.mediafire...vvuqh5wbypqn98r
12 Goku Characters = http://www.mediafire...s5m2a35nzvkg8he
14 DBZ Villains = http://www.mediafire...m4s56ag1cdx20tr
5 Versions Of Cell = http://www.mediafire...y397abopizncy9a
7 Android Saga Chars = http://www.mediafire...20oh44x161gxgsj
7 Versions Of Coola & Freeza = http://www.mediafire...cl4v6b6jlixdzu1
DBZ Friends = http://www.mediafire...2m1h7anoy2tok11
The Ginyu Force = http://www.mediafire...2ozsqq3zm27sk27

DragonBall AF Series*Complete* ( Click To Download)

zicor.png AFTenchu.png GotenAF.png AFGohan.png AFUub.png AFTrunks.png

AFVegeta.png GokuAF.png AFGK3.png BrlyAF.png GK4AF.png

AFS17.png AFBuu.png mugen003-1.png GOKU5AF.png

ss4vegetaAF.png afgokujr.png AFpic.png

***********************************Dragon Ball Series Supporting Cast*********************************
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zarbon.png yamchas.png yamcham.png yacoon.png westd1.png vegetajr.png uub.png turles.png tapionfinalx.png taoi.png super13.png shenlong.png sheetcqz.png sbuu.png saibamann.png recoome1.png raditz.png puij1.png pikkon.png panv.png oozaru.png ohzaru.png nappa.png

nail.png mrbu.png kingn.png kbuu.png kaims.png jiaozi.png jeice1.png janemba.png immagineyjb.png immaginexmo.png imagemcva1.png herof.png guldo1.png

gokujr.png ginyuv.png gill1.png ghostq.png garlic.png frieza.png freezeri.png dende.png dabura.png coolay.png chibipan.png celljr.png burterp1.png mn11011006.png brolyy-1.png

bullag.png bojackf.png babyg.png babyca.png babv.png babidi.png and201.gif 935266871.png 518065001.png 4545j1.png c13y.png beart_281_thumb.gif hildergarn.gif

rildo.png dodoria.png kingki.png piccolo11.png giran11.png jackieg.png bluew.png roboty.png mercenarytao1.gif gotenks1.png spoh1.png gokussj5.gif
LimitBroli-1.png HiResBroli.png TNB.png 13073944.gif gogeta.gif 54564108.gif 1img.gif 91654870.gif 28647091.gif gokufv0.gif 84908305.gif stand610.gif
Para.png oldbroly.gif vegettossj6ja.gif trunks29lg.gif gohanmiguel2xg.gif 25335450of9.gif vegita4se.gif fusion4bs.gif tenstandhk1.gif chaozdg5.gif super13om2.gif GohanStance.gif

majuubqv8.gif gohlb8.gif cell2stand.gif Gogetassj-ssj4.jpg T9WqA.png SSJ4Broly-1.png gokudbz2.png brog.png broly_grabbing_goku.png 9op7M.png mugen001-4.png
TarbleSSJ.jpg omegashenron.jpg NovaShenron.jpg Piccura.jpg Picceta.jpg mugen000-11.png mugen001-5.png aralee.gif 8377710743c7532fe67dde124a66b47d.png 2c4ccf18e667.gif

Old School Dragon Ball Z Characters
*some will need to be fixed to work in 1.0*

Pack 1 - http://www.mediafire...t0t0t61tueha6kj
Pack 2 - http://www.mediafire...ywc3z0lsa3ja7r4


Ok Obviously this is not ALL of the mugen versions of the Dragon ball,z,GT series.........but its a damn good start & its almoat 5:30 am ^ i started this at alittle after 2..........more to come sooner rather than later

SS3 Goku By warusaki3



Early Beta's & Joke Versions of DBZ Characters


Mr . Satan Z


this is a joke version of the infamous mrSatan , the thing is he plays just like satan is in the cartoon, a supposed great martial artist, who gets his ass handed to him on a constant basis by the DBZ characters so infact hes a 100% Cartoon accurate

Bardock SB (Dragonball) By Alunfla
Cooler/Coola English Voice pack
Zarbon by MasterPegasus

I managed to convert Metal Frieza to 1.0. Turns out a single value was off and the MUGEN build date needed to be fixed. Also balanced his damage values out and resized him to be a little bit better scaled (he was even smaller than other Super Butoden chars I've saw. I actually resized him a little bit more but feel free to mess with the local coord in his .def file which I took the liberty of also adding.)

Even with damage values balanced, he attacks insanely. His combos are devastating. I basically lowered his max health, defense, and attack down to the same numbers as the cooler I made the English patch for. However, it makes little difference as he's still capable of firing broken broken devastating combos. They just do less damage now allowing the player a fighting chance against his already threatening AI.

A special thanks to Ryon for showing me how to convert Omegabros6's Deoxys a while back. That actually helped me identify the problem here with Metal Frieza

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