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Neat Unsou: For Mugen 1.0 only, Plays like the source game calamity trigger.
Nu2_zpsb7686aff.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png
Make sure to download the .sff too http://www.mediafire...2yis3vzp02j5yu1

Seraph Ares: Plays like the source game but an edit version.
*winmugen version
Ares_zps8b13f173.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png
Make sure to download the .sff too http://www.mediafire...9ng5urixxj59958

Devilipp:Plays like Source game Blazblue Continuum shift extend style.
Ragna_zps3088588c.png Noel_zps07478811.png hazama_zpsa6bff5ab.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

Ron_Ti_Chu: The first noel made has Blazblue style.
Noel_zps07478811.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

Jeff Locos: Both are Blazblue style gameplay.
Ragna_zps3088588c.png Hakumen_zpsa12b26b3.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

DaNaru250: Style as Kof XI gameplay
Jin_zpsf9cfa776.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

QY China: It feels like a Beta or unfinish Blazblue(edit) gameplay. *Collection Purposes*
Platinum_zpsa15454a4-1_zps89d5ce93.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

Daimonmau's: Plays like some other style and has fatalities*collection purposes*
Ragna_zps3088588c.png Hakumen_zpsa12b26b3.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png
*There is a balance patch for Ragnamau only. scroll down to add on's

Kal: All these have Mvc style *collection purposes*
Ragna_zps3088588c.png Jin_zpsf9cfa776.png Noel_zps07478811.png Lambda_zps8325f456.png Hakumen_zpsa12b26b3.png

bang_zps64f1c659.png Nu2_zpsb7686aff.png Makoto_zpsebe908fa.png Mu_zpsf0ee25a6.png Platinum_zpsa15454a4.png

Tsubaki_zps3aacbe9e.png Rachel_zpsdad5fd31.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

Speedy9199: Idk what style these are.... only for 1.0 1280x720... these are not well made unfortunate...*Collection Purposes*
Ragna_zps3088588c.png Jin_zpsf9cfa776.png Noel_zps07478811.png  bang_zps64f1c659.png Rachel_zpsdad5fd31.png

Tsubaki_zps3aacbe9e.png Tager_zpse520794f.png Hakumen_zpsa12b26b3.png Spacereoppp.png Spacereoppp.png

Blazblue Continuum Shift Lifebar by Nameless353 and sal-azu (1.0 Only)
*1280x720 *Not made for localcoord characters*
password: whatnotis

Blazblue Continuum Shift Arcade Opening by dncelestinx96

Ragnamau Balance Patch by the coolest barf
*Copy and paste the files into ragnamau folder

Blazblue Continuum Shift Lifebar by H-Loader

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Lifebar By DartzPie
*1280x720,Localcoord = 426,320 characters

Blazblue Mod Edition by H-Loader
*640x480 * Not the original file

Blazblue Stages Collection (All by DAREK)
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Platform by Ouichi
Blazblue Sheol Gate by Exshadow

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